Parent Meeting Activites

Showing compassion towards each other is what makes us human.

Parent meeting at brick yard and sugarcane families :

Meetings are held twice a month with the owners and workers of ‘Anand’ Schools and Sugarcane Schools run at 22 centers in Kolhapur, Sangli, Satara (Karad) division. They need to be informed about the work which we are doing as well as the new initiatives to be taken by the organization for that we get the appropriate cooperation from them. By holding meetings in this way, the owners and parents get proper information about the activities being implemented.


  1. Due to meetings of owners and parents, children started going to school every day without working on the brickyard.
  2. The children also got into the habit of cleanliness and discipline.
  3. The various activities of the children were carried out with enthusiasm.

Parent meeting at community :

Avani staff regularly conduct parent meeting on various communities. Every time we convinced of the importance of education, told how it is wrong to send children to work to earn money, to beg for alms.

Parent meeting at study classes in waste picker community

Waste picker parents are uneducated. They don't know the importance of Education. Their days are spent on how to earn money for living. Because of that Avani conducts regular parents meetings as a part of this program so that parents understand importance of education.

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