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" कामये दु:खत्पानाम प्राणिनाम आर्तिनाशनम "
Always ready to help any human being who are in distress.

Avani | अवनि Stands for

" अ " - अन्न | Food

" व " – वस्त्र | Clothes

" नि " – निवारा | Shelter

Protecting Children | Providing Education | Improving Lives

The aim of the organization is to empower the marginalized, child laborers, destitute, child beggars, seasonal, migrant brick yard and sugar cane workers and women in the labor force by getting their rights since last 28 years. The needs of the common man are food, clothing, shelter, no matter how technologically improved the world is today, there are some people in the society who are unable to meet their basic needs of food, clothing, shelter. Avani is an organization that works for such people. Avani Sanstha was established in 1994 by Mr. Prof. Dr. Arun Chavan gave it a name that was very appropriate for the work of the organization.

Last 28 years We brought 80,000 children
into the stream of education 03 Districts

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AVANI'S has been working for and offering many programs for the destitute and deprived sections in india since 1994.

These include a children's home for girls,study courses,online education and a mobile library for children living in the waste picker slums.

During the COVID-19 nationalwide lockdown affected businesses causing many of them to shut down.Jobs were lost.The Kolhapur floods in july 2021 affected thousands of people.

During this time of crisis,AVANI has helped those in need by distributing emeergrncy relief food kits and hygiene kits to the destitute and disadvantaged sections of society.






" To create lasting solutions that protect children, provide education and improve their quality of life."


" To protect children from abuse and exploitation."

pic Since 1994
  • Avani has been working for the destitute and deprived sections since 1994
  • The organization is running various projects.
  • These include a children's home for girls, study classes, online education and mobile library for children which belong to the waste picker family.

Avani Founder

Dr. Arun Chavan (1932-2021)

Dr. Arun Chavan, is the founder of Avani organization. Also he founded the Verala Development Society in Sangli.

For more than forty years he helped transform deprived villages into prosperous ones through community-based sustainable initiatives.

Even before groverment projects were sanctioned in the region,Dr. Chavan demondtrated his humbleness through his inspiration of Gandhian ideals. He dedicated his life to the upliftment of depreaved classes.

Helping hand for those in need

Avani has been working for the destitute and deprived sections since 1994.

Avani children home for girls

Brickyard & Sugar Programs
Waste picker Children Program
Child Labor Rescue Program

Avani President

Anuradha Bhosale

Anuradha Bhosale is a renowned grass-root women’s rights and anti-child labor activist based in Kolhapur, India where more than 40,000 children are involved in daily labor for local industries. A former child-laborer herself at the age of six, she has spent the past 20 years fighting for the prevention of child exploitation, labor, trafficking, and female infanticide. As vice chairman of AVANI organization, she has facilitated the rescue of 560 child laborers,provided 6,700 nomadic migrant children and school drop outs the right to health care and education, organized the construction of schools inside the brickyards and established a residential home for migrant children.


From the beginning, Anuradha recognized that child-labor was a cyclical phenomena oftentimes beginning with women in vulnerable positions. Empowering, educating and uniting disadvantaged women to build sustainable futures in a male dominated society has therefore been the backbone of her anti child-labor work and mission.

Searching for long-term solutions to the root of the issues surrounding child labor, she founded the Women and Child Rights Campaign (WCRC), devoted to educating and empowering widowed, divorced and abandoned women--those at the greatest risk of sending their children into the workforce out of necessity. Working at the grassroots level organizing meetings in rural villages, Anuradha drives change by providing marginalized rural women and children access to information regarding their legal civil rights. She motivates them to unite, do for themselves, pursue education and act on their own issues. In 2010, with the assistance of the WCRC trained village adults and children, 3,741 widows, divorced and abandoned women started to receive their government entitlements reducing the need to send their children into the workforce.

While Anuradha Bhosale is visibly at the helm of the women’s right and anti child labor cause in her region, her message will always be rooted in the belief that long-term change and growth can only be accomplished by encouraging people to educate and do for themselves.


Avani awarded for more than 750+ District,State,National and International levels awards from 1994..!

  •   Rajshree Shahu Gaurav Award

  •   Hirakni Award

  •   Ahilyabai Holkar Award

  •   Juliette Jiménez Awards

  •   Giants Group of Mahalakshmi
      Saheli, Kolhapur
  •   Lieutenant General S. P. P Thorat
      Academy, Sangli.

  •   Best Lady Entrepreneur of

  •   Swaraj Lokmanya Samaj Gaurav

  •   Exemplary Social Worker Award,

  •   Miners National Award

  •   Anekanta - Lord Mahavir
      Manavdharma Seva Gaurav
  •   womens wings awards

  •   Raajastareeya Samjarataṁ

  •   Uncha Maza Zoka Awards

  •   Maharashtra Literary Culture
      Festival Social Worker Award

  •   Rajarshi Shahu Gaurav Award

  •   Rotary Club of Kolhapur
  •   Shiv Ratna Art Festival,
      Maharashtra Journalist,
      Association, Kolhapur

  •   Baya Karve Award, Maharishi
      Karve Women's Education
      Institute, Pune

  •   Honorable Saraswatibai Apte
      Gaurav Award, Indian Women's
      Life Development Council, Thane

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