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Study classes for waste pickers childrens

The families of the Waste pickers community in Kolhapur are unaware of The importance of education. AVANI decided to bring the children of the Waste pickers into the flow of education. Children do not feel the interest in schooling and study. So AVANI started study classes for children at the community level.

AVANI held parent meetings at the community level and explained the importance of education to them. Then we start study classes/ day care centers, mobile libraries and online education. In order to increase the immunity of the children of waste pickers, we give nutritious food

Situation :Avani initially surveyed the waste pickers communities and identified and documented all school age children. Our survey showed that many children could not read, write, or even recognize the alphabet. Some children were identified as slow learners. There is a need to set up a proper basic educational system. We also realized many children are child labor from waste picking communities.

Action : We identified appropriate and safe locations in each slum community to set up our study classes. Teachers were assigned to each study class. Each class is formatted according to the children’s competencies in that particular slum. Additional focus is given on attending to slow learners so they do not fall behind. We determined whether the children were attending school every day? Were the children understanding what was being taught there? Next, we met with the teachers and asked them to pay special attention to the children, especially the slow learner children. The children are taught through various activities and games so that they learn to enjoy studying. We provided a nutritious meal for the children who came to class each day.

Result :
1) Waste picker children come into the mainstream of education.
2)They realize importance of education
3)recreational activities, games, and songs helped the children learn to enjoy attending school, The children learned to read and write.
We have seen improvement in slow learner children.

Child Rights Forum

Since the waste pickers parents are uneducated, their children are not aware about their basic right to education. I think they need to be made aware of this. Many of these children are intelligent, but they are lagging behind other children due to the lack of proper guidance. Realizing the need to develop leadership qualities, Avani set up a child rights forum at the community level in each of the 15 waste pickers slums.

Online education Program

The Situation : Since the school was closed during the Covid-19 period, online education started in every school. Many parents in the waste picker family do not have smartphones. In some families with only one mobile they have so, all the children in that family were having difficulty in getting online education. As a result, the children suffered educational losses. We have started online education at the community level with the aim of educating the children about computers, new technology and enabling them to learn computers for free of cost. 1)Initially, it was decided to start online education in the study center to make up for the educational loss of the children at the community level. Accordingly, computers were purchased and kept in the community for waste pickers. Children's Computers with internet connection were connected in each of these study classes.
2)Firstly we were trained to Teachers to teach computers to children.
3)These teachers are now teaching children basic computers.
4)Children’s now learning MS-Office.
5)At the same time, children are being guided on various topics through online zoom meetings.

Result : 1)The children were introduced to basic Computer knowledge
2)An online learning program is being used while teaching school subjects to children.
3)Children are searching their answers for any question on the internet
4)The children's knowledge level is increasing.

Mobile Library

The Situation : Since almost all of the parents did not attend school, most do not see the value in educating their children. Many children are also not interested in attending school. In many families, girls face child marriages. Even though children are admitted to school, their parents do not inquire whether they are attending school regularly. As a result, some children were found to be slow in the studies. In our initial study classes, we realized the children did not even have a general knowledge of basic subjects. Therefore, Avani started a mobile library with the aim of inculcating the habit of extra reading in the children to develop their general knowledge.

Action : This next generation of waste pickers needs to think differently in order to have a better life than their parents. So Avani started Mobile library in the community. The concept for the mobile library was explained to the children. The children's reading speed and writing were tested. Accordingly, slow learners and regular learner children were listed separately. We gave them books to read according to age and development. We have a wide range of books about history, famous people, folk tales and stories to teach personality development. It is our aim that the children will be inspired and the children will develop interest in reading as well as study.

The Results : Children are now in the habit of reading. The children appear to be enjoying reading. They call us and ask for more books. Thinking power of children is developed. Our focusing more on 80% of underdeveloped children is increasing their reading and comprehension abilities. We tested the children. The children who used to stumble while reading are now reading clearly, Their test scores show that the overall reading ability of each child has improved. The children enjoyed study books along with story books. They are studying more and attend study classes regularly

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