मुलांच्या व महिलांच्या अधिकारांसाठी त्यांच्यासोबत !   protecting the rights of children and women.

About Avani

" कामये दु:खत्पानाम प्राणिनाम आर्तिनाशनम "
Always prepared to help anyone in distress.

Avani | अवनि Stands for

" अ " - अन्न | Food

" व " – वस्त्र | Clothes

" नि " – निवारा | Shelter

Protecting Children | Providing Education | Improving Lives

AVANI'S programs include a children's home for gils,study classes in the slums,onlie education and mobile libraries for children living in the waste picker slum communities.

During the COVID-19 nationalwide lockdown affected businesses causing many of them to shut down.Jobs were lost.The Kolhapur floods in july 2021 affected thousands of people.

During times of crisis,AVANI quickly mobilizes their staff and resources and assists the destitute and deprived sections by distributing food and provideing hygiene kits to anyone in need.

Since 1994, Avani has rescued and prepared over 78,000 deprived children and admitted them into school throughout the 03 Districts we work in the state of Maharastra.

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Showing compassion for one another makes us human.


The Avani Staff conducts surveys in the hundreds of migrant brickyard labor camps and sugar cane Processing factories in the kolhapur, sangli and satara districts in the state Maharashtra.

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Child Labor Rescue

After surveying,Avaniconducts rescue operations with the assistance of local polic departments at brickyard labor camps, sugar cane Processing factory camps, industrial areas , hotel, dhaba’s, shops.

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Health Camps

Avani counducts health checkup camps at the community level for the famillies we serve in the brickyard and sugar cane and waste pickers slum communities.

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Counseling sessions

Avani has trained therapists on staff who provide free counseling for cases involving domastic violense,runaway children,and abuse.

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Parent meeting

Avani regularly meets with the parents of the children we work with in the brickyards and sugarcane camps and update them of their progress.

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Skill development camps

Avani offers skills devlopment traning to empower former child labores and child beggars.

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